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Rep. Johnson Attempts to Defame Justice Clarence Thomas with "Nonsense" Claims

A Heated Exchange on the Supreme Court Justice’s Ethics Inquiry

In a fiery exchange on Capitol Hill, Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) challenged Attorney General Merrick Garland over the ongoing ethics investigation into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Johnson, a vocal critic of Thomas, wasted no time in pressing Garland for answers during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

During the hearing, Rep. Johnson posed a pointed question about potential ethics violations from Justice Thomas. Attorney General Garland recommended that Rep. Johnson "speak to the office of legislative affairs" if he was seeking details on the topic.

The exchange continued and AG Garland responded strongly to Rep. Johnson who attempted multiple times to bait AG Garland into slamming Justice Thomas. Each attempt was met with a well articulated answer. “I know these are not hypothetical questions and I think this is really not within my realm,” Garland said. “I always held myself to the highest standards of ethical responsibility.”

The exchange concluded and the committee room remained palpable, reflecting the deep-seated political and ethical divisions surrounding the investigation into Justice Clarence Thomas. Some have called Rep. Johnson's line of questioning "nonsense", while others applauded.

This confrontation between Rep. Johnson and AG Merrick Garland underscores the growing scrutiny and debate over the ethics inquiry into Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, signaling that this issue is far from resolved on Capitol Hill.


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