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Heritage Foundation Investigation Uncovers Biden Administration’s Massive Movement of Illegal Aliens

How Non-Governmental Organizations Bolster the Surge of Illegal Immigration.

In light of the escalating border situation, the Heritage Oversight Project teamed up with the Heritage Border Security and Immigration Center to probe the movement patterns of illegal aliens processed at various non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) facilities along the U.S. border. Their findings were both alarming and telling.

Under the Biden administration's relaxed approach towards border security, replacing the more stringent Trump-era measures, the border crisis has burgeoned. However, Biden isn't the sole contributor. NGOs, historically seen as altruistic entities, have taken center stage in this unfolding drama by aiding and amplifying the movement of undocumented immigrants deeper into the U.S.

During Heritage’s intensive study in January 2022, around 30,000 mobile devices were detected within 30 NGOs in proximity to the border. These figures pointed to a significant number of unauthorized border crossers, especially considering that individuals who unlawfully crossed far outnumbered NGO staff. Furthermore, the movement of these devices painted a concerning picture of border-crossers migrating farther into the U.S., rather than indicating the movement of NGO staff.

Highlighting their pivotal role, the Val Verde Border Humanitarian Center, self-professed facilitators for "efficient transition of refugees," reported assisting over 1,000 individuals within a span of three days in 2021. The destinations of these migrants spanned states including Tennessee, Utah, Indiana, Florida, and even New York.

Similarly, the Del Rio Customs and Border Protection Station, sitting mere miles from notorious migrant congregation sites, recorded mobile devices that eventually dispersed to 40 different states in January.

The study further encompassed 20 more NGO facilities, where in excess of 22,000 mobile devices were tracked. Intriguingly, 71% of the devices ended up in Republican-led congressional districts, most notably in Texas and Oklahoma. This trend does raise questions about the underlying motives or strategies in these resettlements.

Subsequent phases of the study revealed a similar pattern. Devices from 13 NGO locations along the border were traced to nearly every congressional district in the nation. A particular focus on the Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley found around 3,400 devices that later scattered across 433 congressional districts.

Drawing from the data, a clear narrative emerges. NGOs, albeit indirectly, are feeding the border crisis initially set into motion by the Biden administration. Instead of alleviating Border Patrol's challenges, they're magnifying them, channeling a torrent of undocumented migrants deeper into the U.S. Worse yet, amidst this tide, cartels are capitalizing, ushering in not only desperate individuals but also potential threats in the form of criminals, terrorists, and fatal substances like fentanyl.

As the nation grapples with the consequences of this unchecked flow, the involvement of NGOs in this saga cannot be overlooked. The repercussions aren't just limited to border states but ripple across the entirety of the U.S. The study underscores that while NGOs might be acting with benevolent intentions, their actions have far-reaching consequences, and unfortunately, they're propelling the very crisis they aim to mitigate.


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