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Ted Cruz Carries Double Digit Lead Over Challenger

Polling shows comfortable leads for both Senator Ted Cruz and former President Trump; border security and economy top voters’ concerns.

Senator Ted Cruz holds a commanding lead over Democrat challenger Rep. Colin Allred according to polls conducted in April. The Texas Politics Project poll surveyed 1200 registered voters and has a margin of error of +/- 2.83%.


Cruz support comes in at 46% while Allred only captures 33% of support among those polled. Undecided voters or those preferring someone else ranked at 22%. Jim Henson, the director of Texas Politics Project who conducted the poll, pointed out that a large share of self-identified Democrats are still undecided in the race.


Cruz also enjoys high favorability with 49% approving and 38% approving. Only Governor Greg Abbott enjoys a higher approval rating among the statewide political figures. Donald Trump carries a 9-point lead over President Biden 45% to 36% with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., drawing 8% and Cornel West and Jill Stein each carrying 2%.


The Texas Politics Project is a part of the University of Texas at Austin and tracks voters’ opinions on a variety of state and national issues. Polls show opinions are nearly tied on abortion access while a full 71% of all respondents view the situation at the border as either a “crisis” or a “very serious problem.” Immigration and border security ranked as the most important problem facing the state (39%) while the economy and inflation ranked second at 15%.  


Other issues polled included the war in Ukraine, crime, and abortion.



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