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Senator Schmitt Doubles Down on Transparency within the Department of Defense

The lack of transparency within the chain of command of the Department of Defense is being called out by Senator Schmitt and others.

In a concerted effort to address concerns surrounding a chain of command crisis within the Department of Defense, Senator Eric Schmitt of Missouri, alongside fellow Republicans on the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), is spearheading a call for accountability. The group is united in their resolve to bring transparency and initiate reforms to strengthen the Department of Defense in light of Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, falling ill without properly communicating his incapacitation or transfer of authority. 

The senators have issued a demand for answers and transparency to rectify the apparent shortcomings within the department in a letter written to Secretary Austin with fifteen questions requiring an answer. In the letter, Senator Schmitt remarked, "It is an intolerable breach of trust with the American people at a dangerous moment for U.S. national security.”

The joint demand for accountability seeks to comprehensively investigate the chain of command crisis, ensuring a thorough examination of the issues at hand and the implementation of necessary reforms. By doing so, the senators aim to fortify the foundation of the Department of Defense, safeguarding the nation's security. The senators share a concern that other Department of Defense staff members played a role in intentionally preventing the transmission of critical information. 

As the call for accountability gains momentum, Senators Schmitt is poised to lead a bipartisan effort to address the challenges and weaknesses identified within the Department of Defense's chain of command to ensure instances like this one have not occurred previously without property Congressional notification. 

The senators supporting the letter say they are committed to fostering transparency, fostering public trust, and reinforcing the resilience of the nation's defense infrastructure. The collaborative effort shows the dedication to national security and a shared commitment to ensuring that the Department of Defense operates with the highest standards of efficiency and reliability.


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