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Sen. Jacky Rosen to Run for Reelection Amid Scathing Critiques

Nevada Democrat's Questionable Track Record Under Spotlight as She Seeks Second Senate Term.

Sen. Jacky Rosen (D-NV) declared on Wednesday her intentions to seek reelection in a state known for its fierce electoral contests, where she will likely face an uphill battle to be reelected.

In a statement that could be seen as an attempt to deflect from her own lukewarm record, Rosen stressed her bipartisanship efforts and listed a series of 'big problems' to be solved, including "lowering costs for the middle class, defending abortion rights, tackling the climate crisis (and) protecting Social Security and Medicare."

Rosen's decision comes as a sigh of relief for Democrats who face a daunting 2024 Senate map, with a number of seats to defend not only in red states such as Montana, Ohio, and West Virginia but also in multiple swing states. So far, no Republican challengers have officially announced their candidacy against Rosen, who closed out 2022 with a substantial $4.4 million in her campaign coffers, as reported by Federal Election Commission.

The upcoming November 2024 election will be held two years after Rosen's Nevada Democratic colleague, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, barely scraped a victory against Republican Adam Laxalt, despite the GOP's successful takeover of the state's governorship.

Before assuming her Senate seat, Rosen, 65, served a single term as a congresswoman from a Las Vegas-area district, and prior to her political career, she held the title of president at a Jewish synagogue in suburban Las Vegas.

In Nevada, Democrats hold a meager advantage in statewide registration over Republicans, however, both parties trail significantly behind voters unaffiliated with either party. Despite the Republicans' sway over rural voters, Democrats often manage to clinch victories with support from urban centers like Las Vegas and Reno.

Recognizing the uphill battle she faces, Rosen stated, "Nevada is always a battleground, and this Senate race will be one of the toughest in the country. What happens in Nevada in 2024 could once again decide control of the Senate."

Rosen's committee assignments in the Senate reflect a wide array of areas, though critics argue they lack substantive impact. Her recent efforts alongside Cortez Masto to correct perceived inaccuracies in the Federal Communications Commission's broadband map of Nevada have drawn particular scrutiny.

As she embarks on her reelection campaign, Rosen's track record is likely to be dissected under the microscope of public scrutiny and rigorous opposition research. Her tenure thus far, marked by a lack of substantial legislative victories and a propensity for fence-sitting, is expected to present significant challenges in her bid for a second term.


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