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Sen. Dave Min Endorsed by CA Democrat Party and Other Notable Progressive Names

Broad Support for Min's Candidacy Reflects Growing Confidence in Progressive Policies.

In a significant boost to his campaign, Dave Min has secured endorsements from the California Democratic Party and a host of influential progressive figures, solidifying his standing as a key contender in the upcoming election. The California Democratic Party's endorsement signals a unified front among party members in support of Min's candidacy. The party, known for its influence in state politics, recognizes Min's dedication to Democratic values and his commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing California.

Dave Min won 72% of the pre-endorsement vote thanks to his ranging support from Orange County activists, volunteers, and elected officials. Securing this endorsement, Min will be the only candidate receiving the Democratic Party endorsement for March 2024 and the general election. 

In addition to the party's endorsement, Min has also garnered support from notable progressive leaders and organizations, as listed on his official endorsements page including Katie Porter (CA-47), the Los Angeles Times, CA Lt. Governor Eleni Kounalakis, CA Attorney General Rob Bonta, SEIU, and the Aspire PAC. These endorsements encompass a diverse range of voices, reflecting Min's appeal to a broad spectrum of progressive ideologies.

Progressive figures, including Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tony Thurmond, have applauded Min for his advocacy on key issues such as healthcare, education, and gun laws: “I’m proud to support Dave Min in his campaign for the 47th Congressional District. Whether it’s his work to protect our schools from gun violence or his efforts to expand educational opportunity, Dace has fought tirelessly for students, families, and teachers throughout his career. We need his voice in Congress.”  The endorsements underscore Min's ability to unite various factions within the progressive movement under a common banner.

Amelia Matier, a spokesperson for Dave Min for Congress echoed this sentiment by saying, “Activists, electeds, organized labor, advocacy groups–and now, the Democratic Party–know that Dave Min is the only candidate that will take on– and defeat– Scott Baugh and his extreme MAGA positions.”

With these endorsements, Dave Min's campaign gains significant momentum, positioning him as a candidate who can bridge the gap between the Democratic Party and progressive factions. The diverse support base reflects growing confidence in Min's ability to champion progressive policies and bring about meaningful change in California. Min received Democratic Party endorsement over his opponents Joanna Weiss, Shariq Zaidi, and Boyd Roberts. 

As the election approaches, Min's endorsements from both the California Democratic Party and prominent progressive leaders signal a formidable coalition rallying behind a candidate committed to advancing the state's progressive agenda.


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