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Rep. Young Kim Champions Safety Measures Against Chilean Gang Crimes in Orange County

U.S. Representative's proactive approach aims to bolster community security and enforce law.

In a significant move to enhance public safety, U.S. Representative Young Kim (CA-40) hosted a crucial discussion on the surge of home invasions in Southern California by Chilean nationals linked to South American Theft Groups (SATGs). The meeting, orchestrated by Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, brought together top local and federal law enforcement agencies, highlighting Rep. Kim's commitment to addressing this pressing issue.

The gathering included FBI and DHS officials and saw contributions from prominent local law enforcement figures such as Brea Police Chief Adam Hawley, Tustin Police Captain Duane Havourd, Anaheim Police Chief Jorge Cisneros, and Orange Police Chief Dan Adams. This collaboration underscored the serious nature of the threat posed by these criminal activities.

Rep. Kim, in her remarks during a press conference, emphasized the impact of these crimes on her constituents. "In the City of Laguna Hills alone, there have been 84 reported burglaries with ties to these groups in the last six months," she stated, underscoring the urgency of this public safety and national security problem.

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes pointed out the challenges posed by repeat offenders exploiting the VISA waiver process, calling for federal action to prevent entry of those with criminal intent. This sentiment was echoed by other law enforcement officials, who highlighted the strain put on local resources by transnational burglary crews.

The commitment of local law enforcement to tackle this issue was evident. Chief Dan Adams of the Orange Police Department stressed the department's dedication to the countywide collaboration against these criminal groups. Similarly, Brea Police Chief Adam Hawley expressed gratitude for the support from various representatives and officials, including Speaker McCarthy and Representative Kim, in their efforts to apprehend the perpetrators and safeguard communities.

Anaheim Police Chief Jorge Cisneros also commended the commitment of Speaker McCarthy, Rep. Kim, and other officials in addressing the challenges posed by the Visa Waiver Program, expressing confidence in their leadership to positively impact community safety.

Demonstrating a bipartisan approach, Rep. Kim led a letter with Orange County Reps. Lou Correa (CA-46) and Mike Levin (CA-49) to key federal officials, highlighting the issue. The discussion also included Southern California Reps. Michelle Steel (CA-48) and Ken Calvert (CA-41), reflecting a united front in the fight against these home invasions.

This meeting marks a crucial step in Rep. Young Kim's ongoing efforts to protect her constituents and strengthen the security of communities in Orange County. Her leadership in this challenging situation underscores her dedication to public safety and law enforcement collaboration.


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