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“Gas Is Too Damn High”: State Senator Brian Jones Calls out Skyrocketing Gas Prices

California State Senator Brian Jones recently called out the skyrocketing prices of gas while saying the California State Legislature has done nothing to help the matter.

“Gas is too damn high,” Jones said in a Twitter video. “Ever wonder why you’re paying the highest gas prices in the country? Part of the pain at the pump is thanks to Capitol Democrats, who forced through the largest gas tax increase in state history in 2017.”

Jones did recently say that state Democrats should copy President Joe Biden’s proposed plan to temporarily suspend the gas tax.

“President Biden gets it, yet the wealthy Democrat Governor Newsom and California Democrat legislative leaders still don’t,” said Jones.

Biden had previously called for a three-month suspension of the federal gasoline tax. This was one of his latest attempts to lower gas prices as they skyrocket to record highs throughout the nation. In addition, Biden begged states to consider suspending state fuel taxes for the time being. Jones has repeatedly said suspending state gas taxes should not be a partisan issue.

“Today marks the one-year anniversary of California state Senate and Assembly Republicans calling for a state gas tax suspension,” said Jones. “I am encouraged that President Biden has endorsed our efforts and supports suspending the federal gas tax.”

Specifically, Jones has said that suspending both federal and state gas taxes would slash prices by 70 cents per gallon.


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