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Fast & Furious Stars join OC District Attorney Spitzer’s Anti-Street Racing Campaign

The campaign has the chance to save many lives, given the activity’s extreme rise in popularity amid the pandemic.

In California, the Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer is teaming up with characters from the infamous Fast & Furious movie saga to deter street racing nationwide.

The District Attorney’s Office, in combination with Sung Lee Kang, who played “Han,” as well as Cody Walker, brother of the late Paul Walker, who played main character “Brian” in the series, are informing residents just how dangerous street racing can be.

The campaign, officially launched April 29, features a video of cars racing around a track, with a warning from Kang and Walker that while cars can be fun and help “blow off steam,” that racing should always be kept to the track.

“Guys, let’s be responsible. There’s someone waiting for you at home,” Walker says in the video.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer launched the ad amid a rise in street racing that began during the pandemic and has not since returned to normal levels, with hopes that it will be run nationwide in order to reduce unnecessary deaths.

“Street racing and street takeovers today in our nation and all across the world – it’s out of control, and we know it,” Spitzer said at the event.

The video was unveiled on top of a parking structure in the city of Santa Ana, with families of street racing victims present to support the campaign, as well as cars that were used in the shooting of the campaign video.

During his speech, Kang said he had concerns about being the face of the campaign, given that his movies are about street racing, though he wanted to help the cause, reflecting back on him losing a friend in Paul Walker to street racing, who he said was like a brother to him.

“There’s no Part Two, it’s over and I wish I could just hang out with my friend,” Kang noted. “Just keep it on the track, street racing is cool until it’s all over.”


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