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Anderson and Vindman Face Off In Heated Virginia Congressional Race

Both Democrat Euguene Vindman and Republican Anderson are framing the election as a referendum on Presidential politics. 


When the dust settled on Tuesday in the race for Virginia’s 7th Congressional district approximately $7,000,000 had been spent, more than 67,000 votes were cast, and the Democrats and Republicans both nominated US Army veterans.


Republicans chose Derrick Anderson, a Green Beret and Georgetown Law graduate while Democrats selected Eugene Vindman, a Ukrainian Immigrant who rose to national prominence for allegations he made leading to the impeachment of former President Trump.


Total Republican votes outnumbered Democrats by approximately 1,000 in the crowded primary, while Vindman’s fundraising eclipsed all of his opponents combined. The district tilts blue, but is considered a toss-up and could be critical in deciding control of the House next term.


The District voted for Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin in 2021 then for Democrat Rep. Spanberger in 2022. It is considered winnable by either party.

Both national parties have targeted this race in November meaning the next few months of campaigns are expected to be brutal and expensive.


Vindman and Anderson are expected to take very divergent positions on policies. For both candidates this election is a referendum on National politics. For Vindman, it is a referendum on Trump, while for Anderson, it is a referendum on President Joe Biden. 

In a flurry of last minute advertising Vindman framed the election as a fight to save democracy from former President Donald Trump while Anderson promoted his local upbringing and endorsements. Should Virginia voters follow suit, the campaign for President may have an unexpectedly large impact on this election in November.  



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