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Sara Jacobs Called Out on Twitter for “Enabling Islamic Republic”

A Silent Stance Sparks Outrage: Rep. Jacobs Faces Backlash for Neglecting to Co-Sponsor MAHSA Act.

Social media has become a battleground as users call out U.S. Representative Sara Jacobs for her apparent reluctance to co-sponsor the Mahsa Amini Human rights and Security Accountability Act (MAHSA). The resolution, approved by the US House Foreign Affairs Committee back in April, still awaits a debate on the House floor.

Notable is Jacobs' lack of support for the bill, a detail that didn't escape the watchful eyes of social media users. A post under Jacobs’ Father’s Day tweet voiced the sentiment succinctly, “There are just some people who don’t deserve the platform they have been given. Can’t uphold our blue values when [you] side with the Islamic Republic.”

Jacobs, conspicuously silent about the MAHSA Act, has left her followers speculating on her stance if the resolution proceeds further. One thing, however, is patently clear: the public's mounting concern over Jacobs' reticence on the resolution.

"Cosponsor the MAHSA Act, and stop supporting the Islamic Republic," demanded a user, responding to an Instagram post where Jacobs sported an SDSU T-shirt.

The MAHSA Act stipulates the President to impose sanctions on specific individuals and entities linked with Iran, as detailed on the U.S. Congress website.

This resolution follows the contentious death of Amini, who died under dubious circumstances during her arrest in Iran for her refusal to wear a hijab. Amini's demise sparked a global outcry, inciting demands for an impartial investigation and justice, as well as a fight for women’s rights.

Public discontent even spilled onto the streets when a group of protesters gathered outside Jacobs' office on April 6, as captured in a Twitter video.

“When representatives ignore their constituents' phone calls sometimes we have to go visit them, in case their office staff isn’t passing the message!” the tweet read, reflecting the mounting public discontent towards Jacobs' perceived silence.

Another user wrote,”@RepSaraJacobs your constituents have been trying to reach you for weeks. Please listen to their voices and stand up for democracy and human rights in addition to our national security by co-sponsoring the #MAHSAAct.”


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