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Gun Owners Warned GOP Ohio Senate Candidate Matt Dolan Backed Controversial Anti-Second Amendment Legislation

Dolan's bill has received backlash from gun rights advocates, arguing it violates the Fifth Amendment’s clause saying a person cannot be "deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law.”

U.S. Senate candidate and Ohio state Sen. Matt Dolan (R-Chagrin Falls) sponsored "red flag" legislation that critics say would authorize authorities to strip American citizens of their firearms without being found guilty of a crime.

Dolan, who is vying to unseat incumbent Ohio Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown in November, previously backed a so-called "gun safety" bill that would have imposed extreme risk laws. 

SB 357 would allow the government to temporarily remove a firearm from someone presumptively deemed by a judge to be suffering from mental illness. The bill would have also included "safety protection orders," "seller's protection certificates,” and a new "co-signer requirement" for 18-21-year-olds to purchase firearms. 

The bill has received backlash from gun rights advocates, who argue it violates the Fifth Amendment’s clause that says a person cannot be "deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law.”

Dean Rieck, executive director of Buckeye Firearms Association, previously criticized Dolan for campaigning to champion gun rights only to support a massive gun control bill, warning gun owners he poses a threat to protecting and advancing the Second Amendment.

“I can only assume this was a cynical bid to pick up liberal or moderate voters, and he hoped conservative voters were too dumb to notice his abandonment of a core conservative principle,” Rieck wrote.

Dolan faces rival Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Trump-endorsed political outsider Bernie Moreno in Ohio’s primary race on March 19. The winner of Tuesday’s race will face Brown in the general election later this year.

A recent Survey USA poll reportedly showed 1,400 Republican and Independent voters favoring Moreno with 29% of the vote, with Dolan and LaRose trailing behind with 27% and 21% respectively.

LaRose criticized Dolan for his previous support of SB 357, saying his opponent is “well known as an anti-gun guy," 

"He literally sponsored the red flag law in Ohio,” LaRose told Fox News Digital. “He wrote it and introduced it, I think twice, that would allow firearms confiscation. This was a bill that was so liberal that, of course, it didn't go anywhere in our state legislature.


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